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April 14, 2023

Michelle Fischler and The Best "Lube" Ever

Michelle Fischler and The Best

What's the best lube ever? Hint: It's in your head. Jeff is joined by the absolutely delightful Sex Therapist Michelle Fischler for 57 minutes of sex and relationship talk, followed by a new erotic bedtime story, listener submitted and Jeff Woods narrated.

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Episode 19 finds our host Jeff Woods digging into conversation with the well educated, mindful, compassionate, sex positive Michelle Fischler -- host of The Getsome podcast – exposing society's fuckery when it comes to sex. She's been working in the mental health field since 2003, with her own practice as a therapist since 2013. Michelle is a registered social worker, a registered Psychotherapist, and a Certified Sex Therapist, and jumps into the deep end with Jeff, on where sex lands in the hierarchy of their lives, and into thoughts around online dating, and they share in their love for Sex with Sue (Sue Johanson) and her American counterpart Dr. Ruth. Jeff prompts discussion about the “best lube on the market” (hint, it's all your head), and Michelle redirects, investigating Jeff's inspirations in life and in building the Blue Hotel Podcast. Other sub themes this time include shame, polyamory, bisexuality, and you might not believer how and where Michelle grew up!

57 minutes of flowing conversation is then followed by the climax of episode 19 in a new erotic bedtime story, this time a listener submitted WLW (women loving women) tale, written by Christine Gauthier, and edited and narrated by Jeff. 

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