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Blue Hotel Podcast

Blue Hotel Podcast

The Blue Hotel is the newest podcast from author, speaker, Jeff Woods (from the radio), and it's all about relationships, mental health, and sexuality, with weekly guests, ranging from relationship experts and coaches, therapists, sex educators, and more. Most episodes climax with a Jeff Woods written and narrated erotic bedtime story. The Blue Hotel welcomes guests and listeners from across the LGBTQ2S community. We're feminists, and we're humanists. Make love not war.

Recent Episodes

Closing The Pleasure Gap with Serena Haines

March 17, 2023

Come along for the ride as we accomplish at least 3 things this time. One: talk to a special guest who is a fireball of enthusiasm and sex positivity. Two: share one of her inspired short-stories about a woman who finds he…

Is it Really Over. Now What. With Jaime Morgan

March 10, 2023

After coming to the conclusion that it's really over with your long-term partner, now what? This is about a better way forward in the face of D-I-V-O-R-C-E. And Jeff's brought help.

Sweary Historian James Fell

Feb. 11, 2023

Jeff is joined by the best-selling author who shines light on some bad-ass women, from stories from his books “This Day in History, Shit Went Down”. He's a feminist. And his session with Jeff is followed by another of Woo…

Maintaining Desire in Long Term Relationships with Lisa Pelletier

Feb. 3, 2023

Lisa Pelletier MSc RP RMFT (she/her) joins Jeff for conversation around the challenge of maintaining desire in long-term relationships. And then, Jeff tells a brand new adult bedtime story narration, co-authored by Episode …

Porn 101 with Alisha Fisher

Jan. 20, 2023

If there's a wild west in the world of sex, it's porn, and it comes with positives and pitfalls. You might be surprised at some of the findings, as Jeff welcomes sex positive, internationally awarded speaker, Alisha Fisher.

Down with Drex

Jan. 13, 2023

Drex, heard from 6am weekdays on Jack FM Vancouver, is a social commentator and self proclaimed “Captain of the Gays”. Drex and Jeff get into everything from drag queens to gay weddings, and forever being OUT.