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Nov. 4, 2022

Erotic Writing with Lisa O.

Erotic Writing with Lisa O.

Who's the pleasure starter? Direct from Hamburg Germany, with her British accent, the voracious purveyor of erotic literature, short story writer and narrator, and so much more, the sexually liberating Lisa O.

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Episode 007 is here! We're putting the grandest of the sex organs to use yet again, as the theme delves into fantasy and erotica, even more than usual, as The Blue Hotel welcomes, direct from Hamburg, Germany, the creator of pleasepinchmehard.com Lisa O, who has not only created a room of desire in her own mind, she shares with the whole class, as it were, in blogs and in printed and narrated erotic short stories. Working on her second book, she joins Jeff to chat about everything from how moms and couples can reignite their sexual fire. And that's just the tip, so to speak. This is lots of fun. We think you'll love her accent, too.

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