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Feb. 11, 2023

Sweary Historian James Fell

Sweary Historian James Fell

Jeff is joined by the best-selling author who shines light on some bad-ass women, from stories from his books “This Day in History, Shit Went Down”. He's a feminist. And his session with Jeff is followed by another of Woods' adult bedtime stories. LGBTQ inclusive.

Jeff's guest this time – he's a best selling author, sex positive, super liberal, mega feminist, who tells stories quite unlike anyone else. Short sweary stories, that leave you smarter than you were, and smiling. The Sweary History Writer joins Jeff with the story of how he evolved from writing fitness columns for the LA Times and Chicago Tribune, to writing some of the most expletive punctuated tales of the last several hundred years, highlighting the sorts of bullshit that everyone from the Pope to the patriarchy, Dictators, and all out dicks, not to mention the Old Testament, have put people through. He's for the underdogs and the rebels of history, and armed with nothing but truth and a lot of bad words, Fell fights back against the oppressors, coming with foul mouthed stories about not only the absurdity and the cruelty of human kind, but the many triumphs of like-spirited rebels.

The Author of two volumes of the best-selling “This Day in History, Shit Went Down”, James Fell not only counts several million readers monthly, to his daily stories, he welcomes you to hear his story, and ones about some bad-ass women, on the Blue Hotel Podcast Episode 16, which climaxes with another of Jeff's inclusive and steamy adult bedtime story narrations – “Two Heads Are Better Than One”.  

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