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Oct. 21, 2022

Sex with Sue Special with Director Lisa Rideout

Sex with Sue Special with Director Lisa Rideout

Jeff welcomes Sex with Sue film Director, Lisa Rideout. PLUS, a new erotic bedtime story "Green Eyes".

As the legendary Sunday Night Sex Show radio host, and Sex With Sue TV host put it, she “made it okay to talk about sex, to talk about all sorts of stuff, and nobody bats an eyelash anymore”, adding “I wasn't young. I wasn't beautiful. I didn't have bodacious tatas. I was just a mother with a load of information."

Canadian sex educator Sue Johanson wanted kids to be educated. And the adults too. So that's what she did. And more. She loved doing the show. Hundreds of episodes on radio and TV. Ending it all with the joke that ended episode one of the latter: "The sex will be sweeter if you wrap your peter."

Sue would author three books: Talk Sex, Sex Is Perfectly Natural but Not Naturally Perfect and Sex, Sex, and More Sex.

Sue is 92, retired and currently living in Toronto and as fate would have it, living larger than life, in the October 22 motion picture film Sex with Sue. Director Lisa Rideout is Jeff's special guest, with the story behind the film and how it came together and stories about the making of the film and about Sue.

Plus we'll climax with a new erotic bedtime story featuring the link between sex and smell, and the story of a rain soaked dirty blonde, and her lovers and how they couldn't get enough, but try they do. It's a story called Green Eyes, written and narrated by Jeff Woods.  

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